1st Grade

Welcome first grade families!

Your first grade teachers are:
        Jennifer Ardourel
        Kelsey Meyering
        Adrianne Oliver
        Evy Pappas
        Ms Pappa’s classroom website:


All teachers communicate with families using email and ParentSquare.

First graders begin their learning journey through the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme, where they are guided through exciting “Units of Inquiry.”

IB is guided by “inquiry,” which is defined as a search for knowledge. It moves students from their current level of understanding to a new and deeper level. The IB Primary Years Programme emphasizes the importance of students being inquirers. Through the units of inquiry, teachers are constantly encouraging curiosity. Lessons are developed in ways that allow students to wonder, ask questions and identify problems.

First graders are provided with opportunities to make connections between school learning and life outside of school. They also increase their awareness of themselves and the experiences of others.

The first grade units of inquiry are (Unit Name — Transdisciplinary Theme — Central Idea):

      • “H20, Yo!” – Sharing the Planet — Water is an essential element of life and it is human’s responsibility to manage and conserve it.
      • “Get A Job” – Who We Are – Societies rely on people with many different abilities to function properly.
      • “Roots” – Where We Are in Place and Time – Exploring and sharing family histories enhances intergenerational connections and can lead to the development of international mindedness.
      • “You Are Here” – How We Organize Ourselves – Human made systems create a method for navigating where we are in relation to the rest of the world.
      • “Love Our Mother Earth” — How the World Works – Humans use natural resources in their daily lives in a variety of ways.
      • “Culture Club” – How We Express Ourselves – Celebrations reflect cultures and traditions.

The Primary Years Programme ensures that all learning is significant, relevant, engaging and challenging. Your child can reflect on the connections between life in school, life at home and life in the world. By helping your child make these connections and see that all learning is connected to life, the PYP at Brown establishes a strong foundation for your child’s future.

For more information about First grade’s IB Program of Inquiry: Timeline for 1st Grade POI 2017-18 for Website