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4th Grade

Welcome fourth grade families! 
Your fourth grade teachers are:

As students move into the fourth grade they begin making deeper connections about theInternational Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme “Units of Inquiry” and the relationship to “IB Attitudes” and “Learner Profiles.”

IB is guided by “inquiry,” which is defined as a search for knowledge. It moves students from their current level of understanding to a new and deeper level. The IB Primary Years Programme emphasizes the importance of students being inquirers. Through the units of inquiry, teachers are constantly encouraging curiosity. Lessons are developed in ways that allow students to wonder, ask questions and identify problems. Fourth graders are provided with opportunities to make connections between school learning and life outside of school.

The fourth grade units of inquiry are:

  • “R-E-S-P-E-C-T” – recognizes personal relationships, how choices affect outcomes, respecting multiple perspectives and diversity.
  • “On the Road Again” — travels through the factors of immigration, relocation, population and discrimination.
  • “You’ve Got Mail” — reports on communication, media, innovation and world connections.
  • “The Air Up There” — penetrates air, atmosphere and the causes and effects of air pollution.
  • “Run, Reign, Rule” — examines governments, freedom, authority, citizenship and choice.
  • “You Say You Want a Revolution” — provokes thought about political and social change that can result from conflict or peace.

“On the Road Again” explores immigration and requires students to put themselves in the shoes on immigrants arriving on American soil, without language skills, friends or family to greet them. Students act out a scene from Ellis Island, with fourth graders arriving as immigrants and fifth graders deciding their ultimate fate. The class reflects in the experience through personal narratives, creative writing and self-reflection regarding the obstacles they faced and the opportunities they had as a result of their journey.

The Primary Years Programme ensures that all learning is significant, relevant, engaging and challenging. Your child can reflect on the connections between life in school, life at home and life in the world. By helping your child make these connections and see that all learning is connected to life, the PYP at Brown establishes a strong foundation for your child’s future.

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