4th Grade

Welcome fourth grade families!

Your fourth grade teachers are:

Kathleen Gormley, Room 202 Kathleen_Gormley@dpsk12.org
Amanda Jaquette,  Amanda_Jaquette@dpsk12.org
Diane Santorico, Room 203 Diane_Santorico@dpsk12.org
Jessica Studley, Room 219 Jessica_Studley@dpsk12.org
Sarah Bernauer, Sarah_Bernauer@dpsk12.org

The fourth grade units of inquiry are as follows, with key concepts identified in parentheses. The order of the units may be adjusted from year to year. In general, Colorado Academic Standards provide that fourth graders are responsible for learning about the history, cultures, and economy of Colorado. That is why we focus on Colorado for each inquiry unit, but students also apply their understandings beyond Colorado to our entire country, planet, and even to the rest of the solar system.

-How We Organize Ourselves – Inquiry into the forms of state and federal government (form), the role of government (function), and the duties of government (responsibility).

-Who We Are – Inquiry into the factors that influence migration (causation), perspectives on migration (perspective), and the social, economic, and geographic impacts of migration (change).

-Sharing the Planet – Inquiry into renewable and nonrenewable energy (function) and impacts of energy use (connection and responsibility).

-How We Express Ourselves-Inquiry into
-How primary and secondary sources tell the story of how (reflection):
-early Coloradans shape our state (causation)
-Colorado’s geography affects region’s lifestyle and economy (causation)
-Colorado changed over time (change)

-Where We Are in Place and Time – Inquiry into the characteristics of planets (form), comparison of the components of t(he solar system (connection), and space exploration (reflection and perspective).

-How the World Works – Inquiry into how and why living things are classified and the similarities and differences of species (form and function), as well as the impact of environmental changes on species survival (responsibility).

For more information on the 4th grade Program of Inquiry: Timeline for Units 4th Grade 17-18 for Website