Welcome ECE (Early Childhood Education) families! Brown is proud to offer two full-day ECE classrooms.

Your ECE teachers are:

For general information about DPS preschool opportunities, including programming, locations, tuition and scholarship information, visit DPS Preschool Programs or call the DPS Early Childhood Education Office at 720-423-8213. Note: Children enrolling for ECE must be age 4 by October 1.

Why choose ECE at Brown?

ECE’s IB Program of Inquiry – Timeline for Units ECE 17-18
In ECE, students engage in four IB units of inquiry that span the year. Teachers also utilize the program Creative Curriculum. Students participant in play based learning that help them learn to solve problems, persist through challenges, build vocabulary skills, gain background knowledge in many content areas and develop social skills.

Drop-off and Pick-up

ECE students are dropped off and picked up through the playground doors just west of the cafeteria entrance. They are signed in by an adult. All ECE students should be dropped off at 8:55 a.m. Dismissal is at 3:45 p.m. and again students are signed out by an adult.

Classroom Schedule

A typical day involves play based learning with whole group and small group learning periods interspersed with two recess breaks, snacks, and an afternoon quiet or nap time.


Your child will be accompanied, by an adult, to the bathroom.


Brown offers a hot cafeteria lunch including a kid-friendly salad bar. Walking to the cafeteria and buying lunch may be a new experience for full-day ECE students. As a result, Brown staff ensure that children quickly learn the routine. Classes line up and walk to the lunchroom together, where those who brought their own lunch go to sit at a table, and those buying “hot” lunch are helped through the lunch line by the paraprofessional. Parents are always welcome to join their child in the cafeteria and may also purchase lunch. Learn more about breakfast and lunch at Brown.

School Information and Updates

The school regularly sends home information on school activities and events in students’ “Friday Folders” at the end of each week. Please encourage your child to bring this information home to you and to return the folder to the teacher on Monday. Teachers also communicate with families via the app Bloomz.

Before- and After-School Programs

Discovery Link is available before and after school for full-day ECE students. Discovery Link staff drop off and pick up the children from their classrooms. Kids typically spend their time working on projects in the cafeteria and playing in the gym or on the playground. More information on Discovery Link can be found at