Contact Information

School Address: 2550 Lowell Boulevard, Denver CO 80211

Main Office Phone: 720-424-9250 FAX: 720-424-9275

Absences: To notify the school about a child’s absence, call the Brown Attendance Line: 720-424-9303.

Questions regarding Brown’s curriculum, philosophy, educational approach or other matters pertaining to the school’s mission and vision may be directed to Principal Susan Williams, or IB Coordinator Melissa Capozza.

Teacher and Staff E-mail Directory

School Calendar
Holidays, in-service days, school closures and early dismissals are available on the DPS school calendar, or by calling 720-423-3200. For a more specific calendar with updated Brown International events and to stay up to date with Brown news as it happens, please join the Brown Parent Forum on Bloomz. Your child’s teacher will give you a code to join.

Enrollment and Registration
Questions about enrollment and registration, school tours and visitation, or events and activities may be directed to the front desk staff, Sheryl Frausto or Sheri Niko, at 720-424-9250.

Tuition-Based ECE 
With questions about tuition-based programs, call 720-423-3698.

Transportation Department
To contact DPS regarding bus routes and scheduling, call 720-825-2611.

Food & Nutrition
To contact DPS about food and nutrition services, call 720-423-5600 or see our information about school breakfast and lunch.

Student Support Staff
Brown’s Student Support Staff includes special education, a speech/language specialist, a school psychologist, GT (Gifted and Talented) and OT/PT (occupational/physical therapy) support, and an English Language Acquisition resource teacher. Please contact the front desk for information about these resources: 720-424-9250 or see our staff listing for staff email addresses.

Standards and Assessments

For information on other resources at Brown, please visit our Resources section.