Our Students

The students at Brown come from a variety of backgrounds and pursue all sorts of personal interests and activities. Here is a small glimpse of some of our students and their passion for learning.


3rd Grader


This 3rd grade student loves art – so much that he often spends recess time drawing pictures. His favorite creation, a pastel he calls “South American Beauty,” features a toucan on a tree branch. He is proud of this piece because it appears in an art show at the Denver Public Library. Another recent project was a detailed rendition of a skeleton, complete with labeled bones. When he is not creating art, he is busy reading or writing about dragons and knights, riding his bike or reading his science encyclopedia. When he grows up, he wants to be a paleontologist and a famous artist.



5th Grader


This 5th grader is a fan of skateboarding, painting, drawing and playing with her many pets. She’s also crazy about math, especially addition and division. A self-described “picky reader,” she is always on the lookout for good books – Lemony Snicket is a favorite author – and is thankful for the library’s recent Book Fair collections. She is an author herself. This year, she created a sequel to her book about her dog, Tucker, which will soon be published. A long-time Brown student, she fondly recalls one 3rd grade project: an impressionist painter’s collage featuring the works of Cassatt, VanGogh and Monet.


4th Grader


This 4th grader is a budding artist whose most recent work, a mask depicting a black cat named Luna who wears a crescent moon on his forehead, is on display at the Denver Public Library. She is also drawn to graphic novels – full-length comic books – and the Junie B. Jones chapter books. Recently, she worked with classmates on “Earth Force,” a project that strives to make the world a better place. For this she created a city called “Funky Town,” whose inhabitants are made of noses and feet. Her family’s origins are in Vietnam and she looks forward to traveling there soon.




This kindergarten student says he is fascinated with math and science. His favorite after-school program is engineering club, where he creates structures like spheres made out of paper plates. He loves school because every day he gets to do something different. He also enjoys reading and writing, and has written and illustrated several stories about dinosaurs, his family and sea creatures. At home, he plays with transformers and the computer, and looks forward to family activities such as cooking and baking with his dad. He would like to learn Tai Chi and dreams of becoming a cowboy who rides his horse in the desert.


1st Grader


This 1st grader has an orange belt in karate – by far his favorite extracurricular activity. He can’t wait to earn his purple belt. When he’s not taking karate lessons, he likes to curl up with a flashlight under his tent, reading about Harry Potter’s many magical adventures. Sometimes he even likes to sleep in his tent, because a spider lives under his bed and once tickled his leg! He also plays hockey or goes to the park with his brothers and sisters, and makes silly family videos with his dad. His favorite parts of the school day are lunchtime and art class, where he likes to paint water.