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At Brown, we foster the growth of internationally minded people and create positive attitudes about learning. Our award-winning leadership team and teaching staff are dedicated to creating fun, engaging learning experiences every day. Just ask the kids!

Below, you will find a listing of all staff linked to their DPS email address (typically first_last@dpsk12.org). Please also click on your child’s grade level to see more detailed information specific to your child’s curriculum and links to teacher blogs.


Office Staff

Sue Williams, Principal Susan_Williams@dpsk12.org

Drew Hoelscher, Assistant Principal Andrew_Hoelscher@dpsk12.org

Sheryl Frausto, Secretary II Sheryl_Frausto@dpsk12.org

Sheri Niko, Secretary I Sheri_Niko@dpsk12.org

Kristina Polizzotto, School Nurse 101A KRISTINA_POLIZZOTTO@dpsk12.org

Melissa Capozza, IB Coordinator Room 201 MELISSA_CAPOZZA@dpsk12.org

ECE Staff

Caroline Nelson, Room 126 Caroline_Nelson@dpsk12.org

Beth Gershman, Room 125 ELIZABETH_GERSHMAN@dpsk12.org

Kindergarten Staff

Erika Moore, Room 109 Erika_Moore@dpsk12.org

Heidi Stark, Room 112 Heidi_Stark@dpsk12.org

Laura_Lasswell, Room 110 Laura_Lasswell@dpsk12.org

Tara Hammond, Room 113 Tara_Hammond@dpsk12.org

First Grade Staff

Kelsey Meyering, Room 117 Kelsey_Meyering@dpsk12.org

Brenica de la Torre, Room 118 brenica_delatorre@dpsk12.org

Gina Ludwig, Room 103 Gina_Ludwig@dpsk12.org

Jennifer Ardourel, Room 104 JENNIFER_ARDOUREL@dpsk12.org

Second Grade Staff

Evyenia Pappas Room 116 EVYENIA_PAPPAS@dpsk12.org

Matt Fisher, Room 105 Matthew_Fisher@dpsk12.org

Julie Weathers Room 106 Julie_Weathers@dpsk12.org

Anna Beck, Room 115 Anna_Beck@dpsk12.org

Third Grade Staff

Kate Tynan-Ridgeway, Room 216 KATHLEEN_TYNAN-RIDGEWAY@dpsk12.org

Carrie Maxfield, Room 217 CARRIE_MAXFIELD@dpsk12.org

Whitney Hamlin, Room 205 Whitney_Hamlin@dpsk12.org

Alicia Polston, Room 205 Alicia_Polston@dpsk12.org

Fourth Grade Staff

Kathleen Gormley, Room 202 KATHLEEN_GORMLEY@dpsk12.org

Audrey Goodman, Room 218 Audrey_Goodman@dpsk12.org

Diane Santorico Room 203 DIANE_SANTORICO@dpsk12.org

Jessica Studley, Room 219 Jessica_Studley@dpsk12.org

Fifth Grade Staff

Wendy Edwards, Room 211 Wendy_Edwards@dpsk12.org

Meghan Wannamaker Room 209 Meghan_Wannamaker

Amanda Jaquette, Room 213 Amanda_Jaquette@dpsk12.org

Diane Guerrero_Even, Room 215, Diane_GuerreroEven@dpsk12.org

Mackenzie Holland, A/N, Room 122 Mackenzie_Holland@dpsk12.org

Special Education

Lisa Hennessy, Special Ed Teacher, Room 212 (PM) Lisa_Hennessy@dpsk12.org

Meegan Epps, Special Ed Teacher, Room 111 Meegan_Epps@dpsk12.org

Sara Clement, Special Ed Teacher, Room 212  Sara_Clement@dpsk12.org

Specials Staff

Pamela Lockwood, Music Teacher, Room 122 Pamela_Lockwood@dpsk12.org

Elena_Pedraza@dpsk12.org, Spanish Teacher, Room 129 Elena_Pedraza@dpsk12.org

George Petro, Gym George_Petro@dpsk12.org

Jesse Bott, Visual Arts Teacher, Room 121  Jesse_Bott@dpsk12.org

Michelle Townley, Technology, Room 119 Michelle_Townley@dpsk12.org

Senior Team Lead/Intervention

Lisa Hennessy, Room, 212 LISA_HENNESSY@dpsk12.org

Amy Hegwood, Room 214 Amy_Hegwood@dpsk12.org

Eric Hines Room 214 Eric_Hines@dpsk12.org

Adrienne Oliver Room 214 Adrienne_Oliver@dpsk12.org

Support Staff

Shelley Keeling- Cooper, ESL Teacher,  SHELLEY_COOPER@dpsk12.org

Rachel Chappell, G.T Teacher 1 day (Tuesday) RACHEL_CHAPPELL@dpsk12.org

Sarah Bernauer, Intervention/ESL,  Sarah_Bernauer@dpsk12.org

Shannon Kishel, Psychologist, Room 108 Shannon_Kishel@dpsk12.org

Amanda Wickenkamp, OT, Room 112b Amanda_Wickenkamp@dpsk12.org

Cindy Snalam, Speech Therapy-Room 208 Cynthia_Snalam@dpsk12.org

Dorrie Lieman- Sped. Ed-Room 109b (AM) DORRIE_LIEMAN@dpsk12.org

Kelly Welch, Hearing Specialist, Room 112b Kelly_Welch@dpsk12.org

Sarah Bergman, Social Worker, Room 114 SARAH_BERGMAN2@dpsk12.org

Custodial Staff

Mario Hernandez, Facility Manager MARIO_HERNANDEZ@dpsk12.org

Anthony Aragon, Asst. Facility Mgr. ANTHONY_ARAGON2@dpsk12.org

Lunchroom Staff

Leticia Cervantes, Manager Leticia_Cervantes@dpsk12.org

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