At Brown International Academy, we foster the growth of internationally minded people and create positive attitudes about learning. Our award-winning leadership team and teaching staff are dedicated to creating fun, engaging learning experiences every day. Just ask the kids!

Below, you will find a listing of all staff linked to their DPS email address (typically Please also click on your child’s grade level to see more detailed information specific to your child’s curriculum and links to teacher blogs.

Office Staff

Sue Williams, Principal

Amy Hegwood, Assistant Principal

Sheryl Frausto, Secretary II

Sheri Niko, Secretary I

Kristina Polizzotto, School Nurse 101A

Melissa Capozza, IB Coordinator, Room 201

ECE Staff

Caroline Nelson, Room 126

Beth Gershman, Room 125

Kindergarten Staff

Erika Suckow, Room 109

Heidi Stark, Room 112

Laura Lasswell, Room 110

Tara Hammond, Room 113

First Grade Staff

Kelsey Meyering, Room 117

Jennifer Ardourel, Room 104

Adrienne Oliver

Evy Pappas, Classroom Website

Second Grade Staff

Rachel Garibaldi, Room 105

Kristen Messer, Room 116

Julie Weathers, Room 106

Anna Beck, Room 115

Third Grade Staff

Charlotte Orbach,

Matt Fisher, Room 217

Alicia Polston, Room 205

Carrie Maxfield,

Sara Jackson,

Fourth Grade Staff

Kathleen Gormley, Room 202

Amanda Jaquette,

Diane Santorico, Room 203

Jessica Studley, Room 219

Sarah Bernauer,

Fifth Grade Staff

Melodee Brinster,

Meghan Wannamaker, Room 209

Kirsten Meyers-Blake, Room 213

Eric Hines, Room 215

Special Education

Meegan Epps, Special Ed Teacher, Room 111

Lenna Deane, Special Ed Teacher, Room 212

Marissa Delhotal, A/N, Room 130

Lisa Hennessy, Room, 212

Specials Staff

Ben Herman, Music/Drama Teacher, Room 122

Sarah Aragon, Spanish Teacher, Room 129

George Petro, Gym

Jesse Bott, Visual Arts Teacher, Room 121

Michelle Townley, Technology, Room 119

Support Staff

Shelley Cooper, ESL Teacher

Wendy Edwards, ESL Teacher

Rachel Chappell, G.T Teacher 1 day (Tuesday)

Shannon Kishel, Psychologist, Room 108

Kelly Welch, Hearing Specialist, Room 112b

Tiffany Casares, Social Worker, Room 114

Custodial Staff

Mario Hernandez, Facility Manager

Hayden Stevens, Asst. Facility Manager

Lunchroom Staff

Leticia Cervantes, Manager