Brown Enrichment Clubs – FAQs

Do you have a question that isn’t addressed here? Do you have some suggestions that might be useful to others? Email with questions or suggestions.

How do I register for before and after-school programs? Parents should contact vendors directly to register. Specific registration details vary by club, and information is included on the Brown Enrichment Clbus page of this website.

What do I need to know about club registration? Registration is first come, first served. Clubs are subject to cancellation due to low enrollment.


Do I need to pick up my kid and take them to clubs? No. Your kids will be released directly to the auditorium and will meet their club instructors there.
I understand that clubs shouldn’t take the place of childcare. Do I need to plan to be with my kids during clubs? No, each club supervisor will be supervising their club’s kids.
Where do I pick my kids up? Your kids will be released from the school lobby at the appropriate time (typically 5p). You must check out with the teacher on site to take your kiddos!
Will my kids be provided with snacks? Snacks are not provided for most clubs. We suggest you send a nutritious snack with them that they may eat prior to clubs starting at 4p. If you would like your student to have a snack before the start of their club, please consider giving them a snack and water bottle in their backpack.
How do I apply for a scholarship? Scholarships are administered directly by the providers. Contact the provider of the club you are interested in directly to request a scholarship.

How is the Brown enrichment program developed? Clubs are organized and run by parent volunteers of the Brown Clubs Committee. This committee is funded in part through PTA funds. Please consider attending a PTA meeting or volunteer on this committee to learn more about the clubs offerings and process.