Parent Communications via ParentSquare


Click here for ParentSquare Posting Guidelines.

The school is currently in a transition period moving to ParentSquare (from Bloomz). This been an ongoing learning process, so thanks for bearing with us! The PTA Communications team would like to share a few clarifications and tips as we all adjust to this great new platform:

  • Student and guardian data is fed directly from the district to ParentSquare so if you have not received an invitation to join you will need to stop into the office in person to update your contact information. This increases security for our children.
  • There is no longer a Parent Forum in ParentSquare. Anyone can post to the entire school but please be sure to follow posting guidelines here.
  • The top left PS Icon or “Home” will bring you back to the main school section. You can toggle between your children’s classrooms here as well. Grade level communities are posted as groups under “Participate” on the left column. This is where you can communicate to both classes at once.
  • If you’d like to communicate one-on-one with another parent, or with a small group of members, please use the “message” feature.
  • Personalize your account settings to make ParentSquare work for you. For example, limit the e-mail notifications ParentSquare sends to a periodic digest, or even disable all e-mails if you’d prefer to use the in-app notifications. Text alters is also an option.
  • You can always find the Forum’s posting guidelines here.
  • Any additional questions can always be directed to