Brown Parent Forum Posting Guidelines


Welcome to the Brown Parent Forum, moderated by the Brown PTA. The Forum is intended to be a supportive, inclusive and respectful online community for all parents and guardians of current students at Brown. It is also a platform for communications from the Brown PTA to all parents/guardians, and a place for Brown parents/guardians to share school-related news and pictures from school-wide events.

Posts on the Brown Parent Forum must be relevant to school activities. Please refrain from advertising and political posts that are not related to the school. Abusive, harassing, threatening, offensive or illegal posts and comments are strictly prohibited. Please also refrain from posting negative comments about individuals by name.

Members of the PTA Board will approve requests to join and will serve as moderators. The PTA Board reserves the right to remove posts that are not directly relevant to the school; that contain inappropriate or harassing language; or that contain non-school related marketing (such as spam). Anonymous posts are not permitted. The moderators also reserve the right to mute or remove members from the Forum for violations of these posting guidelines.

Posts on the Forum will go out to all members. Please use the Bloomz message feature for sending direct communications to individual parents or teachers. If you have questions or concerns to share with the Brown school administration or teachers, please contact them directly.