District Required Assessments




Content: Math and Writing

Dates: October, December, May

Format: Written assessment, Multiple Choice and Constructed Response


Purpose: The Interim assessments measure students’ achievement of key Essential Learning Goals and Common Core State Standards. It is designed to inform teachers’ instruction by assessing important learning goals throughout a grade level and measuring content in alignment with the district Scope and Sequence time frames. It also provides summative information at the end of the year.




Content: Reading

Dates: August, October, December, February, May

Format: Computer assessment, Multiple choice questions


Purpose: STAR measures students’ performance on early literacy and reading comprehension skills. It is designed to assess students’ progress in literacy and informs teachers’ instruction by providing periodic estimates of growth and summative information.






Content: Reading

Dates: September, December (Kindergarten only), April

Format: One-on-one reading assessment

Purpose: The DRA2 provides teachers with information to help them determine each student’s independent and instructional reading levels and identify what the student needs to learn next. The assessment focuses on Oral Reading Fluency (the reader’s rate, accuracy, and expression) and Comprehension (oral and written).




Content: Reading, Writing, Math for (3rd-5th), Social Studies (4th), Science (5th)

Dates: March (R, W, M), April (SS, S)

Format: Written assessment, Multiple Choice and Constructed Response (R, W, M)

Computer assessment (SS, S)

Purpose: The TCAP is designed to determine the level at which students meet the Colorado Model Content Standards, which describe what students should know and be able to do at specific grade levels. This assessment gives a snapshot of where your child stands in relation to these educational standards. It also measures the progress of Colorado students over time.


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