Brown Voyages – Drop Off/Pick Up Procedures

Before School Classes

Getting to clubs:

Please escort your child into the building and to the assigned classroom.

At the end of the Class/Club:

The provider will walk ECE and Kindergarten students to the playground to join their classes. 1st-5th grade students will be dismissed to join their class lines on the playground. Students on the playground are supervised by teachers starting at 8:30am. Students do not go back to Kaleidoscope after clubs, they immediately join their classes. Please note: Free breakfast is available for all students in the cafeteria every morning.

**Kaleidoscope Families: If your child is in Kaleidoscope and you want them released to attend an Brown Voyages before-school activity you must fill out the appropriate forms with Kaleidoscope prior to the start of your before school program and make sure your Brown Voyages provider knows they need to sign your child out of Kaleidoscope. Kaleidoscope will not just release children to go to Brown Voyages, the provider must sign them out.

After School Classes

Getting to clubs:

Students in ECE: At 3:45, a para-professional will pick up ECE students from their classrooms, sign them out and escort them to the auditorium to meet their instructors.

Students in K-5th grades: At 3:45 pm, Kinder-5th grade students participating in Brown Voyages programs will be dismissed by their classroom teachers and sent to the auditorium to meet their instructors.

All Brown Voyages Enrichment Providers are required to be at the auditorium by 3:45 pm to meet their students. All providers will have a sign identifying themselves to students for the first few weeks and establish a place for their students to gather. Once all the students are accounted for, providers will lead their students to the assigned classroom. If any students are absent without prior notice to the club, the on-site supervisor will check if the students were absent from school or previously picked up and will call parents if needed.


At the end of the Class/Club:

The provider will walk ALL students to the main entrance of the school where they will meet their parents or those authorized to pick them up. Parents are asked to please be on time and wait in the lobby. After the students have been dropped off with the On-Site Supervisor, the provider must walk their Kaleidoscope students to the appropriate Kaleidoscope location and sign them in. Providers, please be aware the doors will lock behind you, don’t lock yourself out of the building!

**Kaleidoscope Families: If your child normally attends Kaleidoscope, then the parents of children participating in Kaleidoscope Corner will need to complete an Enrichment Provider Form prior to the start of clubs . These forms are available at your site and need to be completed prior to each activity (or sessions) and for each individual child. On days your child is registered for extra-curricular activities your child is responsible to go directly to his/her enrichment activity at the end of the school day. The enrichment provider is responsible for ensuring your child gets to Kaleidoscope at the end of the enrichment program. Students who also attend Kaleidoscope DO NOT go to Kaleidoscope first, the proceed directly to the auditorium.