Core Subject Curriculum


Kindergarten through Third Grade use Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA). Fourth and Fifth Grades use EL Language Arts Curriculum.


Bridges in Mathematics is used for mathematics instruction in all grade levels. Visit the Bridges Family Support website for free resources and support.


Amplify Science is taught in all grade levels for science instruction. Here is a link to the Amplify Science website to learn more!

Kindergarten Units: Needs of Plants & Animals; Pushes & Pulls; Sunlight & Weather

1st Grade Units: Animal & Plant Defenses; Light & Sound; Spinning Earth

2nd Grade Units: Plant & Animal Relationships; Properties of Materials; Changing Landforms

3rd Grade Units: Balancing Forces; Inheritance & Traits; Environments & Survival; Weather & Climate

4th Grade Units: Energy Conversions; Vision & Light; Earth’s Features; Waves, Energy, & Information

5th Grade Units: Patterns of Earth & Sky; Modeling Matter; The Earth System; Ecosystem Restoration

Social Studies

All grade levels will begin using Inquiry Journeys for social studies curriculum in the 2022-2023 school year. Please visit their website and this blog post to learn more about the curriculum.

Kindergarten Units: Navigating School; My Team & Self; Past, Present & Future

1st Grade Units: Families Near & Far; Our Special Location; Civic Engagement

2nd Grade Units: Meeting Wants & Needs; Our Changing Landscape; Innovation

3rd Grade Units: Global Connections; Migration & Movement; Equality & Justice

4th Grade Units: National Resources of the United States & Colorado; Our State’s History; Economic Choices

5th Grade Units: Native America; Colonial America & Revolution; Rights & Responsibilities

Common Core Standards

District Required Assessments