Breakfast & Lunch

Students in the school hallway


Brown is part of the DPS StartSmart no-charge breakfast program. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and also the most skipped meal by children. Children who eat breakfast perform better on standardized achievement tests and have fewer behavior problems in school. To support the daily education of DPS students Food & Nutrition Services offer a program of Breakfast at No Charge to all schools with a current breakfast program. Stop in before school, check it out and kids can grab a juice, snack or full breakfast.


Brown offers a hot cafeteria lunch including a kid-friendly salad bar. Brown International staff ensure that children quickly learn the routine of walking to the cafeteria and buying lunch. Classes line up and walk to the lunchroom together, where those who brought their own lunch go to sit at a table, and those buying “hot” lunch are helped through the lunch line by the paraprofessional. Parents are always welcome to join their child in the cafeteria and may also purchase lunch.

You may pre-pay for multiple lunches via My School Bucks, or give cash or a check to the cafeteria staff. Remember to sign up online before the first day of school, or pay staff on the first day when you drop off your child. Your child will have a lunch card in the classroom that he or she will give to the cafeteria staff; the paraprofessional will return all lunch cards to the classroom. Children with free or reduced lunch will have a lunch card that works the same way.

The DPS breakfast and lunch menus and current breakfast and lunch prices are available online or at the school office.

Currently, our school staff delivers breakfast and lunch to the classrooms. We look forward to returning to our cafeteria and salad bar as soon as we can.