Social-Emotional Learning

At Brown, social emotional learning is supported through multiple school-wide programs in order to properly support our students.

Morning Meetings

Each class begins the day with a classroom morning meeting that includes the Responsive Classroom morning meeting components (greeting, sharing, activity, message). These meetings also integrate IB Learner Profile traits and mindfulness to help students begin their school day in a calm and focused mindset.


MindUP was adopted in 2018 as a school-wide curriculum to support the social-emotional learning of all students.

Restorative Justice

Brown uses the restorative justice process to help resolve disciplinary problems in a respectful way that involves taking responsibility, building relationships, and repairing relationships.

No-Nonsense Nurturing

NNN is a 4-step approach that establishes a positive classroom culture through precise directions, positive narration, fair and consistent accountability, & building positive relationships.


Shannon Kishel (Brown’s School Psychologist) and Tiffany Casares (Brown’s Social Worker) are in our building 5 days a week, working with students and supporting staff.