Korey Askew

Assistant Principal



Having graduated from Denver Public Schools, I am proud to be serving my community and advocating for marginalized groups in education. I pursued higher education at the University of Northern Colorado. “Bear Down” !!!! 

Driven by my passion for empowering inner-city youth, I established a non-profit organization called Colorado Wild Sports. Through this initiative, we aim to utilize sports as a means for young individuals to advance their education, opening doors of opportunity for them. 

In my most recent role at Traylor Academy, I have had the privilege of contributing as an Assistant Principal and a Dean of Culture. During my time at Traylor, I have played a vital role in transforming student behavior within the classroom, leading to a significant reduction in out-of-school suspensions. In fact, our school index report recently reflected an impressive 88% rating for behavior and classroom management. 

To foster a positive learning environment, I have introduced a team system that focuses on cultivating essential skills such as teamwork, critical thinking, and self-management among our students. This approach enables our students to concentrate on their academic pursuits, while also emphasizing the importance of behavior and attendance. By integrating team-building exercises and rewarding students’ efforts, we have instilled intrinsic motivation within them, allowing them to become comfortable with failure and develop a growth mindset. Moreover, our point system has effectively encouraged students to remain on track and take responsibility for their obligations. 

Over the course of the past decade, I have dedicated my career to Denver Public Schools, working in both the Far North East and Southwest regions. As I continue to serve, I aspire to be a tangible role model for the children of Denver Public Schools, inspiring them to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential.